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Thursday: Last minute cosplay sewing! We got to the hotel at around 8 so we didn't go to Fanexpo. We just chilled out in the hotel room at Royal York~ We ate at Lone Star. Pretty good~

Friday: Got up and slept in a bit. Cosplay Len again with keytar. I lined up in the wrong line and took awhile to get my ticket for fanex. Once we got in I found that the sport section was pretty secluded from the rest of fanexpo, so it's pretty decent. We pretty much spent most of the time in the dealers room browsing all the cool art and trinkets, such as the brass telescopes, compass, and pocket watches. We then had dinner at the spaghetti factory and jeebus it took forever to get our food. I also thought I lost the cover for Alex's PSP when I dropped it. Turned out to appear in the hotel room the next day :S. We decided to purchase internet for the day since Alex needed to finish his project and I could use it to watch videos and check my schedule xD. :iconlunar-x-rain: clocked out very early and so did :iconhimori:.

Saturday: Lines so long. Kind of expected since it was Saturday. For sure I wasn't really happy. I went to the Hatsune Miku panel. It was more of a business advert than a real fun panel, but hey, it's friggin vocaloid. Even though the next panel was Luka's voice provider, we still had to reline the whole line. Ugh, I don't like sitting in the back seat. Although this panel was more of a Q&A and Luka being all I NEED A JOB PLZ. Can't say it was fun really. We decided not to go to the masquerade. We ate at I think Casey? Don't remember to well, the food there was good. Then me and Alex rushed to the Vocaloid rave party. Alex wanted to try the sake, which he didn't really like. I was there for the dancing. I won a few items, Kiroro doll and a Hatsune Miku keychain. Needless to say I was pretty dead tired when I went to the hotel.

Sunday: Tons of packing, since we needed to check out. Left the room at roughly 10am and went to the this special storage room to store our luggage in. We were doing last minute buys at the dealers room and sure did time fly that day. It really felt like it went by quick. Me and :iconlunar-x-rain: went the a panel about dying and painting on fabric. I didn't find it too interesting but atleast :iconlunar-x-rain: did. Atleast I slept well in there xP. We couldn't go to the live vocaloid concert streamed from Japan since we wanted to complete our shopping. After the dealer room closed, we went back to the hotel to rest and wait to be picked up.

Overall, I felt fanexpo doesn't have the enthusiasm it once did when I went. Will I go again you ask? Maybe not. The price is quite expensive, and the crowd is really hard to bare at times. It depends on what they throw at me I guess.
  • Listening to: Tetrodotoxin Synthesizer No.2 feat. GUMI
  • Reading: She\'s Gon | Naruto | Kaichou wa Maid Sama| F
  • Watching: Sword Art Online
  • Playing: SDGO | SD Gundam G Generation World
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Crazy asian dude
Cosplay name: Kanomi
Age: 18
Gender: M
Sign: Cancer
Zodiac: Rooster
Occupation: Student

Favorite Games:
SD Gundam G Generation ALL
SD Gundam Online
Dragon Ball Tenkaichi 3
Metal Gear Solid 1-4
Disgaea 3
Eternal Sonata
Assassin Creed (all)
Final Fantasy 3,4 7-13 (not 11 or 14)

Favorite Characters:
Vocaloid: Len Kagamine, Rin Kagamine, Miku Hatsune, Akita Neru
Kingdom Hearts: Roxas, Sora, Riku, Axel, Kairi, Ventus, Terra, Aqua
Ouran High school Host Club: Tamaki Souh, Haruhi Fujiyoka,
Final Fantasy: Cloud Strife, Vincent Valentine, Yuffie
D.Grayman: Road Camelot, Jasdero, Debitto
Ao no Exorcist: Rin Okumaru, Mephistopheles

Current Obsessions: Kagamine Len, Ao no Exorcist, Vocaloid, Gundam, Cosplay

Vocaloid: Len Kagamine - Default, Magnet, Trick and Treat, Servant of Evil, Imitation Black, Matryoshka
Gundam: Kira Yamato
Soul Eater: Soul Evans (Scrapped)
Kingdom Hearts: Organization XIII Roxas
D.Grayman - Debitto (Missing)

Cosplays In Progress:
Vocaloid: Len Kagamine - Love is War

Cosplays I wanna do:
Spice Len (A particular one)
Twilight Town Roxas

"Haters don't really hate you, they hate themselves cause you're the reflection of what they wish to be.." Angel ******

"Saving money for retirement is like saving sex for when you're old. Live life while you're able to physically enjoy it." - Jimmy ******


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